Wine & Beer (TB Hotels Group)

Type: Liquor Retail Outlet

Location: Via Roma, Isle of Capri

TBH is a family owned and operated company with establishments throughout Southeast

Queensland, ranging from local pubs and classy eateries to fine wine and spirit boutiques.

As a strong existing player in the retail market, the brief for Beer + Wine was to maintain it’s visually bold new identity while being suitably massaged into the floor plan of the overall centre concept.

A strong, natural timber palette compliments the fresh open nature of the site with a simple but effective detail to match, to compliment the open ceiling and unique shape of the tenancy.

Full height glass frontage gives the space a seamless connection to the mall area while allowing the interior to showcase its bold brand and merchandise areas.

It was important that the design maintained a level of class but still adhered to the more industrial nature of the development to sit properly within it and this was achieved through simplicity, raw and natural materials and well executed detail that reflects the high level of quality and unique products they carry.